Six essential services to maximize your people resources

Employee Assistance Programs

Select, Hire, and Retain the best employees

Resolve employee problems to restore optimal workplace performance.

Turn losses related to troubled and under-performing employees into dramatic cost-savings and increased productivity. Industry research has clearly established that the average cost of one troubled and under-performing employee is about $3500 per year and nearly 25% of all employees are currently struggling with a serious mental health, substance abuse or family relationship problem. This not only impacts workplace performance but also effects absenteeism, workplace accidents, grievances, disability and healthcare claims. Cost-benefit analysis has repeatedly found up to a $16.00 return for every employer dollar invested in an effective Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

An EAP provides confidential, time-limited counseling, to assist troubled or under-performing employees in resolving their personal problems and returning to their previous levels of job performance. Employees can access the EAP themselves or can be referred by a supervisor. Most employees who use an EAP are able to resolve their concerns within six visits. Those who can not are referred for continued help through their employer's insurance coverage.

At RMS Consulting our EAP services include:

Full Service, Choice of Session Length, Face to Face or Telephone Counseling
Highly Credentialed Local and National Provider Network
24 Hour Emergency Telephone Access
Onsite and online Employee and Supervisor Program Orientation
Supervisory Consultation and Case Management
Consultation for Financial and Legal Problems
Online Self-Assessment of Mental Health and Orientation Programs
Seamless Referral to Ongoing Counseling
Quarterly and Annual EAP Utilization Reports
Program Promotional Materials (Brochures, Posters, Mailings)

In addition, RMS Consulting offers the following workplace services at a discount to our corporate EAP clients:

Employment Testing
Workplace Work-Life Training Programs
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Fitness for Duty Evaluations
360 Degree Assessment and Coaching
Conflict Resolution Services
Drug Free Workplace Program

If you are interested in establishing an EAP at your company or organization or are considering changing your EAP provider with a more comprehensive and higher quality program, submit your request for a proposal to: RMS Consulting at 309.681.5652.

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