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360 Degree Assessment and Coaching

Improve your skills with the Workplace Training Program

Provide comprehensive feedback to key employees and motivate improved workplace performance.

Success in today’s workplace does not come easy. Most employees are well educated, trained and technically experienced but only a few truly succeed. Why? What’s the difference between an average and an outstanding performer?

At RMS Consulting we have found the difference is “Emotional Intelligence” (EQ). Those employees with strong personal management and interpersonal skills are, by far, better able to capitalize on the intellectual and technical knowledge they already possess than those without strong EQ. What’s more exciting is that EQ skills can be measured and taught through personal coaching. The process is really very simple.

To provide your key employees with the EQ skills they need to be truly successful, call RMS Consulting at 309.681.5652 to arrange your EQ assessment and coaching.

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First The employee, their supervisor and up to six subordinates complete a 360 Degree assessment of the employee’s emotional intelligence.
Second One of our trained coaches reviews the EQ assessment with the employee and highlights their strengths and areas for improvement. From this, coaching goals are mutually set and a series of coaching sessions are scheduled.
Third Only through ongoing coaching, can an employee truly learn new EQ skills and how to successfully apply them to real-life work situations. It is the real-world application that assures the development of stronger emotional intelligence.

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